We like to show you some first quotes of our beloved gamers. These people were the first who have found and played MADFIST. Will you be the next?

★★★★★ “Very Good” – “This super fun and addictive because you want to beat your record every time they recommend” – Angel Moctezuma

★★★★★ “Cool game :-);-)” – Magdalena Pummer

★★★★★ “Scheisse wenn ich geben könnte 1098764 sterne” (translation: “Shit, if I could I would give 1098764 stars”) – Nico Möllmann

★★★★ “Addictive” – “Every time i can’t get pass i want try and try again” – India Hollis

★★★★★ “A-MAZE-ING” – “This is THE BEST time killer EVER. I like it so much. 1 hour is by me 1 minute so much fun!!” – Robbin Klein

★★★★★ “I liked it” – “I like this game because it is another type of game … 5 stars …” – Rovinson David Perez Cruz

★★★★★ “Addicting” – “It is hard to quit playing after the first frustrating attempts. I feal the urge to beat my highscore over and over again.” – Ted Kraamer

★★★★★ “Amazing” – “Can’t stop hitting it over and over again!” – martijn20122012

★★★★★ “Hillariously fun” – “Its so much fun and also addictive I played for 2 hours” – Janos Möller

★★★★★ “Amazing!!!!” – “Great game!!! Download and give it a try!!! You won’t be disappointed!!!” – Jason W

★★★★★ “Unbelievable” – “This is a great game good for all ages make more like this hard and challenging and keep up the good work” – Lance Mage

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