MADFIST and MADFIST Retro were released on the 9th of February 2015 for mobile (Android/IOS) and web (flash).

About the MADFIST game:

# “An addicting one touch side scrolling action platformer. Test your reflexes!”

# “Watch out! Proved to be highly addictive! It gives you the endorphin your body needs to keep you coming back for more.”
my mustached shrink said.

# “Having a game with short, concise missions makes a mobile game more digestible for those very short moments in time that you want to fill your time with mindless activities (it’s okay, we all do it).”
my wordy baker said.

I’ve got a MADFIST for you fool
the famous B.A. Baracus said. And if you don’t know him, ask your parents.


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The game MADFIST is proudly presented bij NowGamez.com
A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has already played and shared MADFIST on mobile or web!

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