WARNING: Very Addictive! ;-)

“You want to try it over and over again”

My secretary said:

“Very suitable to play when sitting in a waiting room, doing the big thing, or waiting for your girlfriend when she is shopping.”

My bus driver said:

“A gigantic replay value, you won’t stop anymore.”

The longer you play, the better you become!

“Awesome HD graphics and playable everywhere”

The must have game of the year

“This game will change your life”

Available on Mobile and WEB.

“I’ve got a MadFist for you fool”


MADFIST released

MADFIST and MADFIST Retro are released for web (Flash), Android and IOS! The hit game of 2015 that is simple yet very addictive!

Show your skills, how many points can you score in this addicting game? Share with friends on social media to challenge them!

The must have game of the year”

Forget Flappy Bird! MADFIST and MADFIST Retro are the newest addicting games of 2015 that will keep you playing.

Enjoy and destroy! MADFIST!